STEAM! The most wonderful time of the year

“Let me get this straight – Global Warming means that our planet is getting hotter? But we can all make a difference, we just have to make wise choices? Can we add this to the school rules?” Willa. 

Welcome back to the highly anticipated 2020/2021 academic year. Never has the 1996 Staples back to school video and advert been more adept. September most definitely feels like ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ and what better way to keep the feel-good feeling going than a whole school STEAM day.

With Global Warming and Climate Change taking centre stage in the news recently we thought what better way to welcome the children back then to dive into the meaning of these terms. Year 1 began the day by looking specifically at what global warming means for the North and South Poles. They got a little chilly with a hands-on investigation into the impact melting icebergs would have on sea levels. The Lower School then went over what can be recycled in school before being swept along on one little plastic bag’s adventure as it escaped a supermarket and embarked on voyage around the world. Meanwhile, the Upper School were busily exploring fossil fuels and how they can do their bit to beat global warming. The children took part in climate conversations with their peers and presented their discussions to their respective classes.

After lunch the whole school put their learning to test and each child created a comic strip based around the theme of global warming. Six strips will now be selected and entered into the 2020 ISA Comic Strip Competition as the theme for this event is non-other than global warming – we love it when a plan comes together. Congratulations to all the children for working so hard to create thoughtful, informative strips. St Faith’s is back and our STEAM adventures are only getting better.