St Faith’s Prep Eco Warriors take action

Eco Warriors in Action

  Last term  I spoke to the Eco Warrior team about the worrying plight of our nation’s much beloved hedgehog population and asked them to think of a way to raise funds to help provide financial support for a local organisation that was working to try and preserve the species.

I was delighted when our two very willing and excited Year 5 Eco Warriors put themselves forward for the job. I provided them with a big box of glass jars (donated for an art project and then not needed) lots of paper bags (leftovers from the summer fair) and a big bag of bird seed and some fat balls. Their job was to package the bird food, think of a sensible pricing system and then advertise and run a sale after school. Bird food was packed sensibly, prices set were fair, eye catching posters were created and everyone was made aware of the sale.

On the day, we had lots of customers and took just over £50. Needless to say the girls and I were delighted by how well supported we were. A big thank you goes to both girls for their super effort and for being so keen to support me with such a worthwhile cause. We all missed a few break times to get the sale organised and not once did I hear the girls complain. Two prime examples of what we mean by ‘True St Faithians.’

Miss Franklin
Leader of the Eco Warriors