Soaking up the atmosphere at the museum

Brum! Ping! Swish! Bang!

Year 2 accompanied Year 1 and went on a very exciting trip to The Dover Transport Museum on Tuesday. After teachers wiping the surfaces on the bus with  anti-bacterial wipes the children got on and set off on their adventure. Arriving at the museum which was only opened for our school, the children went in and were amazed at the sight of the many vehicles. Cries of “Wow!” and “Can we get started?” were heard from some of the group.

The staff at the museum were very friendly and extremely informative about each vehicle. The children asked lots of questions and were shown a workshop which only used pulleys to control the machines. James E jumped for joy as he watched the pulleys work and Roy kept on asking the man to work each machine so that he could study it. Year 2 also found an old propeller which came from a hovercraft, slightly bigger than the one needed for Amy Johnson’s plane I feel!! They were certainly in awe of it. Throughout the day the children explored the old-time shops, looked at vehicles throughout the ages, operated a model railway, climbed into the cab of a steam engine and generally had a great time soaking up the atmosphere. They also took part in an investigation to find areas of the museum, which Zara really enjoyed. Many thanks to all staff at the museum and to Paul for making us yet another delicious picnic. Year 1 and Year 2 have certainly made some happy memories of the day.