Science Spectacular

“This is my favourite school day of the year! I didn’t think last year could be topped but today it was…” Chloe.

Science at St Faith’s is always fun and dynamic but our yearly Science Spectacular enhances our curriculum by providing the children with an inspirational day in which to explore concepts. This year was made even more special as we welcomed 16 pupils from neighbouring Cartwright and Kelsey to join us in our celebration of all things scientific.

Children enjoyed a wide range of workshops from Discovery Park and Pfizer exhibitors who brought with them a wealth of knowledge and skills to share with our pupils. Sessions included Pfantastic Fire, Hi-Five, Microbe, Crime Scene Investigations, Hydrogen Bubbles, The Wonderful World of Waves and Magic Glass. Whilst our teachers delivered programs including K’nex Roller Coasters, Heat Seeking Cameras, Biological Drawings, Space -The Final Frontier and Kapla building.

The atmosphere was palpable around the school as children smiled and skipped to the different exhibits all relishing the chance to put on lab-coats, goggles to feel like real scientists. There were ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ behind every door and the exhibitors were full of praise for the behaviour and critical thinking our pupils displayed. It was extremely pleasing to see our children so welcoming to their new friends from Cartwright & Kelsey, although we expect nothing less.  It is always reassuring to see just how friendly, confident and hospitable our pupils are. The CKs thoroughly enjoyed their day with us and were sad to depart. Our final activity saw Years 2 – 5 take part in engineering challenges: Years 2, 3 and 4 tested their building skill as they used spaghetti and marshmallows to see who could build the highest tower. Congratulations to 3B for their impressive entry. Not to be outdone, Year 5 took part in a challenge of their own: to create a classroom marble run. Photos do not do their work justice – congratulations to Mr Mackenzie and his merry band 5M for the most creative of tracks. But what was happening to Year 6 I hear you cry? Well, all our exhibitors had gathered in Kerruish Hall for an informal career fair. Our School Leaders were given the opportunity to approach our scientists and ask them about their jobs and what it has taken for them to get to where they have. Watching our Year 6s confidently approach our guests and engage with them in a mature and grown up manner really reinforces our ethos of building confident and resilient pupils. It was the perfect way to end another exhilarating Science Spectacular. The only problem we have now is how we are going to improve it for next year. However, ‘I can and I will!’ so 2020 I’m coming for you!

Thank you again to all our exhibitors for their time and especially to Dr. Mathew for her help in organising this year’s event.

Duncan Andrews