Science at St Faith’s is Spectacular!

It’s British Science Week, and we’re doing it in ‘spectacular’ fashion here at St Faith’s Prep.

For our annual Science Spectacular we were joined by a team of scientists from Pfizer, who spent the day delivering a range of workshops, conducting experiments, and generally demonstrating just how cool Science can be!

The morning started with a bang (literally) as our ‘Fire Triangle’ Assembly got underway. With fiery balloons, flying hydrogen rockets and a custard explosion, science was well and truly brought to life before the children’s eyes.

Next up, the children donned their lab coats and safety glasses, and headed off to conduct all manner of experiments. From the daredevil Zinc Bang to the mess-making Elephant’s Toothpaste (the STEAM room ceiling may never recover), the children enjoyed every moment of the opportunity to take part in these hands-on experiments.

Our small class sizes make all the difference on days like this, as our children are able to fully immerse themselves in the activities and really make the most of the learning available to them.

A huge thanks must go to Mr Amos and Mrs Ainsworth and their team of Pfizer UK scientists, for making Science so Spectacular!