Robotics in the Upper School

Self-driving robots! In Year 3 we have been working on the challenge of how self-driving cars can be made a reality. We began by looking at various clips of self-driving cars on YouTube and then debugged a simple self-driving car game in Scratch.  Finally, we have been using the Lego robots to try and avoid collisions. The children used the sensors in lots of inventive ways, including the touch sensor. This was not so great as we realised the robot would have to crash in order to stop: not really useful as a self-driving car. This week we progressed to using the ultrasound detector to ensure the robots detected the collisions way before they happened! The children rose to the task ahead of them and loved the challenge, particularly when we managed to get all the robots working on one table. One of the children said, “We have moved the chances of survival up from 0% to 10%”.

Year 5 have extended their learning of robotics with some real world tasks. The children were asked to solve a number of problems which meant they had to program and, in most cases, adapt their robots to carry out the tasks. The creativity of our children and the level of effort they put in never ceases to amaze me. The resilience showed was incredible as it’s so much easier to debug on screen when you haven’t got a robot careering around.