Remote Learning

What positives can we take from remote learning?

If Year 1 pupils hadn’t been at home learning this girl wouldn’t have been able to share with us her chicks hatching!

This lovely Year 1 girl and the incubator joined us at every tutorial last week and periodically she would let us know that one egg was about to hatch! Year 1 have been glued to the progress of the 21 eggs nestled in the incubator.

We have seen chicks pecking their way through the shell, we have watched the hatched chicks helping their brothers and sisters out of the eggs. We have seen the newly hatched chicks napping for a few seconds before chirruping wildly encouraging their siblings. We have seen their tiny feathers drying throughout the day.

We have learned about what the chicks will eat and have talked about how they differ from human new born babies.

This impromptu Science lesson wouldn’t have happened without home schooling! As a result, Year 1 are very much looking forward to following the chicks progress in the coming days.