Remote Learning: A parent’s perspective.

I was just filling out the remote learning survey and as I did so I realised again just how lucky we are to be part of St Faith’s.

As you know, I thought that the remote learning delivered by the school last year was outstanding, but the school has evidently spent time reviewing and identifying areas they felt could be tweaked, and as a result the remote learning this year is absolutely exceptional. It’s easy to take it for granted so I just wanted to make sure you know how appreciated it is.  

My daughter has had to do almost all her learning completely on her own – both Jamie and I are working flat out and other than occasionally poke food at her I pretty much leave her to it. The simple yet structured timetable means that she know where she needs to be and when, her teacher has regular and consistent contact with her, she gets to interact both one-on-one and as part of her wider class, and I know that she is happy, supported and connected to her teacher, her friends and the school.

Yesterday she had a rough day – we didn’t have all the equipment needed for one of the lessons and she was worried about what to do, but within minutes of asking Mr Andrews for advice he video called her through Teams, reassured her, made her laugh and gave her an alternative suggestion. The relentless support, jolliness and kindness of Mr Andrews, Mrs Ross and Mr Dunn throughout their remote lessons, at a time when I’m sure their job feels incredibly challenging, is something I will be eternally grateful for. (I’m also beyond grateful for her Surface Go as it has saved poor Mr Dunn a repeat performance of dialling in to our kitchen at 8am in the morning to the sight of me in pyjamas! They have been a fantastic resource and my daughter needs no IT support from me – and I’m not having to share my laptop with her!)

I also wanted to quickly mention how much we love the “extra-curricular” activities – the school going above and beyond. Storytime is great – both my daughters enjoy it, and the family quiz was great. I really felt I finally earned the respect of my children when I could identify that Benji was covered in hummus within 2 seconds!

Thank you again so much, from a very grateful parent. We miss school, and can’t wait to be back, but in the interim I am counting my lucky stars that she is a St Faithian.

Current Parent.