Reception visit the Nature Garden

On a beautiful, sunny afternoon Reception visited the nature garden to investigate the array of changes that have taken place over the past few months.

Upon arrival we were greeted by the garden’s newest resident, ‘Gnomeo!’ We were all very taken with ‘Gnomeo,’ although we thought that he might be a little bit shy as he did not say a lot!

We were all very excited to see Mr Groves who popped down to tell us all about the wildlife in and around the pond. We were lucky enough to spot a dragonfly and see lots of small fish darting around in the water.

Mr Groves also tested our knowledge of the different varieties of fruit and vegetables that are growing and Symphony was very pleased to spot several pumpkins hiding under the leaves.

The children were enchanted by, and showed great imagination when exploring the ‘fairy garden’ and making cakes for the fairies. Isabelle said “I’m getting all the soil away so we can see the pebbles, but I need to leave the shells because they are beautiful and the fairies will love them.”

After looking under logs for bugs and getting rather muddy it was time to return to the classroom.

Gnomeo is really looking forward to seeing the Reception children again soon!