Reception step into summer

What will they do in Reception today? It might very well look something like this:

Unlocking the magical world of words and stories and forming their very first sentences. Measuring, counting and solving number problems through play. Learning to hit a ball, kick a ball and run as fast as they can. Swimming and splashing with their friends and embracing all things related to the season of summer.

The sun made a welcome appearance just in time for their new Literacy focus, ‘Step into Summer’. Reception have been looking at signs of summer and the children have been sharing some wonderful ideas about things that they like to do on a summer’s day…going to the beach was a popular choice, closely followed by having an ice-cream and going swimming. Finley was very excited to tell us all about his new paddling pool at home and they all love to splash about in the school pool.

Maisie convincingly told us that drinking water is very important to keep our bodies hydrated and as a result we have been encouraging each other to drink lots of water throughout the day at school. All the children worked collaboratively to think of other ways in which they could keep themselves cool on a hot day. Wearing a sun hat, seeking shade and taking a rest when our bodies get too hot were some of the ideas that they thought of.

Fingers crossed that the sun continues to shine brightly on us all for the last few weeks of the term.