Quarantine ‘Art Selfie’ Challenge

Inspired by an internet craze (and way too much time on our hands) Henry and I decided to take part in the Quarantine ‘Art Selfie’ Challenge this Easter.

We laughed so much doing it that we thought this was a challenge we just had to share with our St Faith’s family.

And I was not let down as you will see…so, it is with their permission to share that I give you this bunch of very talented, brave and beautiful people (and dogs!)

Arabella in Yr 4 as ‘Neda’ by Maryareta Schaeffer

The Porter’s Dogs as ‘Dogs Playing Poker’ by Cassius Marcellus

April in Year 2 as  ‘Before the Dance’ by Andrew Atroshenko

Luna in Reception as ‘Ballerina’ by Andrew Atroshenko

Evie in Reception as ‘Out of Reach’ by Arthur John Elsley

Miles in Nursery as ‘Double Elvis’ by Andy Warhol

Mrs Bernard Yr 2 as ‘Portrait of a Man in a Red Turban’ by Van Eyck

Thank you to everyone who took part, you are all stars!

See you all soon,

Mrs Bowyer 😊