Putting the ‘A’ in STEAM

Who puts the ‘A’ in STEAM? St Faith’s children do! The standard of art produced by the upper school this term has quite simply blown me away.

More than ever, the children have appreciated being able to engage in practical creative activities in the real hub of the school, our very own STEAM room.

As we zoom towards half-term many projects are being completed and the fruits of the children’s labour is clear to see.

Year 3 have been tempting us with their delicious oil pastel cake pictures inspired by 100-year-old American artist Wayne Thiebaud, and also got much delight from tricking Mr Groves with their fake papier-mâché donuts!

Inspired by the British artist Julian Opie (think of the ‘Blur: the best of’ album cover) Year 4 turned themselves from photographs into stylised graphic images of themselves using flat colour. Challenges of mixing an accurate skin and hair colour in acrylic paint were experienced by all, however, multiple Head Teacher Awards were handed out for some absolutely stunning results.

In Year 5 we have been making the link with the children’s Egyptian History topic, exploring the features of the portraits of Egyptian Kings and Queens to then turn themselves into royalty with some stunning self-portraits in mixed media.

Not to be outdone, Year 6 were inspired by American contemporary landscape artist, Robin Mead. They explored the composition of her landscapes focusing on foreground, middle ground and background to create perspective. All of the children interpreted the brief in their own unique way and used watercolour paints effectively to produce vibrant landscapes full of pattern and detail.

I do hope that you have got some wall space ready at home for the masterpieces that will be coming your way at the end of term!