Phonics in Year 1

How many sounds are in this word? Phonics.

There are 6 sounds in the word Phonics, can you count them? This skill is just a small part of what the children are learning to do in their Phonics sessions in Reception and Year 1.

Phonics is taught to the children every day with the help of some well-known characters; Floppy, Biff, Chip and Kipper. At St Faith’s we use a programme developed by Debbie Hepplewhite called Floppy’s Phonics. We devote half an hour every day to Phonics as well as hearing the children read individually as frequently as possible. All the sessions begin with a fast paced review section where the children are given the opportunity to revisit and review previously studied sounds. This is then followed by the introduction of a new sound. During this part of the lesson the children can build upon many skills including: blending for reading and segmenting for spelling. The children particularly enjoy looking for the new words in a picture, sometimes this can prove to be quite a challenge! Floppy’s Phonics allows the children plenty of opportunities to use the interactive whiteboard, to practise their reading and spelling and to work with their friends.

This term, the children in Year 1, have had great fun revisiting the sounds learned during their time in Reception whilst developing new skills in letter formation in preparation for the use of cursive handwriting. We’ve had great fun practicing letter formation in shaving foam which Mrs Powlter sprayed all over the desks! Who knew handwriting could be so much fun!