Music Report

Oh what a beautiful morning (well, afternoon actually) it was when the Singing Club entertained a large group of their fans at our Summer Fair last weekend. They will be impressing an even wider range of people at the Folk and Ale Festival in Sandwich next month, along with members of the school choirs. Partly due to the rain, there were record numbers at the Nursery, Year R and Year 1 Recorder Club this week. Twenty-two children learnt how to hold a recorder and played a piece using the note B while also practising their counting! The more experienced players also included A and G in a piece called Skat Cat Swing. It’s great to see (and hear!) so many children making music together. Children in Choir, Chamber Choir, Orchestra and String Orchestra are all rehearsing hard for our Summer Concert in the church on June 25 and there are many very promising young musicians who are preparing solos too. Finally, Friday this week saw the Year 5 children sing a 2-part version ofCalifornia Dreamin’ for their friends, staff and parents in assembly. Years 4 and 6 have already performed during Friday assemblies, once again proving that Music really is for all the children at our school!