Music Report

It was another busy Friday assembly this morning. Honor and Amelie played ukulele and flute respectively, while the school song was ‘Little Donkey’, particularly enjoyed by the younger children. This week’s Music Star was Oscar Irwin, for his enthusiastic violin playing, and two children (Edward and Tom) were presented with examination certificates as they missed out last week.

Pictured are children from Year 4 taking part in this half-term’s Class Performance. These lessons give all the children a chance to perform in front of their friends. It doesn’t matter if things go wrong (it’s fine to start again!) and children who don’t have formal music lessons are often confident enough to improvise on the piano, drums or guitar. Years 1, 3, 4 and 5 had their performances this week and other classes will have their chance before we break up for Christmas. In several classes, all the children have had a go at performing something.

Next week, we have our first Christmas performances as the youngest children in our school take to the stage. The term culminates in Mr Groves’ favourite event of the year, the Carol Service, in the beautiful setting of St Nicholas Church. The Choir and Chamber Choir have been working hard to perfect their singing and it promises to be another lovely occasion, to which the whole of upper-school is invited. See you there!

Thank you.

Mr Ainsworth