Music Report

Another busy week’s music ended with piano performances from Portia and Connie at the start of Friday’s assembly. There was also a rousing rendition of ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’ before England’s World Cup final tomorrow morning. ‘Come on England!’

On Thursday, 20 children took an ABRSM Music examination with an examiner called Philip Aslangul. Those who took their Prep Test were awarded their certificates in Friday’s assembly but the others will have to wait a few weeks before they hear any news. Children sang and played piano, oboe, French horn, cornet, trumpet, violin and viola. We are very lucky to have so many talented musicians and all the children came out of the exam room having had a positive experience. The highest grades this time were Darcey going for Grade 4 singing and Oliver who was taking Grade 3 on the viola.

During the children’s class music lessons there has been lots of good recorder, violin and trumpet playing as the children reacquaint themselves with these instruments following the half-term break. Even though it’s only just November, there’s already lots of Christmas songs being heard around school. The younger children have begun learning the songs for their Christmas productions and the Choir and Chamber Choir are working hard to learn the music for the Carol Service. The Wind Orchestra are also working on a pre-Christmas performance!

Finally, on Wednesday morning, we were treated to a wonderful piano performance by Arabella. We were able to buy the new instrument following the tenancity and generosity of Arabella’s mum and it seemed appropriate that Arabella should be the one to give the first performance. It was this piano which was used in the examinations the following day. Thank you once again, Mrs Porter!