Music Examinations

Congratulations to all children who have taken a music examination towards the end of last term. Pictured are three children who took their Prep Test and they were awarded their certificates during the Autumn term’s final Friday assembly. There is no pass or fail in the Prep Test and children receive a hand-written certificate from the examiner detailing what he enjoyed and things to practice before Grade 1.

Exams beyond the Prep Test are marked out of 150 with the pass mark being 100. Candidates pass with merit for a score of 120 to 129 and are awarded a distinction for 130 and above. Our children’s results are below: 

Evelina Salvatori (Grade 6 flute) Pass 

Arabella Porter (Grade 4 piano) Pass 

Yasmin Amin (Grade 4 singing) Pass 

Oliver Barker (Grade 2 cornet) Pass 

Cleo Parkinson (Grade 2 musical theatre) Pass 

Honor Urquhart (Grade 2 musical theatre) Pass 

Freddie Heffer (Grade 2 piano) Pass 

Poppy Andrews (Grade 4 piano) Merit 

Edward Dove (Grade 3 French horn) Merit 

Safiya Dubignon (Grade 2 violin) Merit 

Freddie Heffer (Grade 1 Clarinet) Merit 

Holly Matravers (Grade 1 violin) Merit 

Martha Bartlett (Grade 2 violin) Distinction 

Anna Woodhead (Grade 3 singing and Grade 2 violin) Distinctions in both 

Children can also take an exam in Music Theory and Freddie Heffer achieved a distinction at Grade 1. Well done, Freddie! 

Just before the end of the Autumn term, drum and guitar pupils took online exams with MTB – Music Teachers’ Board. We are still awaiting results for Oscar I, Sam, Oscar F, Gideon, Madeleine and Jaspar and fingers crossed for more positive results. 

Taking a music exam requires a huge amount of dedication, perseverance and skill. All children worked extremely hard to prepare for their exams and congratulations to each and every one of them for these fantastic results. Thank you to Miss Gregory, Mrs Bartlett, Mrs Hopper, Mr Newell and Mr Ainsworth for teaching the children and also to Mr Woodhead who provided the piano accompaniment for many of the exams.