Music challenge – accepted!

The sound of sea shanties resounded around children’s homes recently, and no doubt parents still have The Wellerman going around in their heads!   TikTok has led to the recent popularity of the sea shanty and Mr Ainsworth thought it would be an exciting and fun challenge to ask children to practise, and then perform ‘The Wellerman’ or ‘What shall we do with a drunken sailor?’ What an amazing job they did!  So many children who wouldn’t usually choose to make music had a go, and as you can see they produced some fantastic shanties, not to mentioned their creative costumes. Well done to everyone – you are all awesome!

Music is very popular here and not to be deterred by the school closure due to winter snow, our scheduled Monday Music concert went ahead as planned. Well done to all those children who took a break from the snow to take part in the afternoon concert. Everyone played and sang extremely well and thank you also to all the children and staff who were part of the audience.

There was a real mix of ages, from Year 1 to Year 6, as well as a mix of abilities from debut performers to ‘old hands’. 

Congratulations to everyone – you were all amazing!  

Mr Ainsworth.