‘Music Can Change The World…’

This quote from Ludwig van Beethoven really rang true this morning as our Early Years children took to the stage for our first Music Concert of 2023.

The programme was varied to say the least, with music ranging from traditional nursery rhymes to ABRSM pieces and even a bit of Eminem! With a sizeable audience looking back at them, the children remained unfazed and performed with gusto, enjoying every moment of their time on stage. Our very youngest children were up first and confidently made their way through Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes followed by Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, much to the delight of the audience (and the performers themselves as evidenced by the excited jumping up and down at the sound of applause!)

Our Upper Nursery and Reception children went on to perform an assortment of other pieces, ending with a rousing rendition of Dr. Knickerbocker, all under the careful tutelage of our Head of Music Mr Ainsworth.

Music at St Faith’s really is something very special and seeing children as young as two confidently performing songs (solo and in groups) and playing instruments is really quite remarkable. All our children learn to play an instrument, and sing in a School Choir, learning the importance of practice and determination to improve and succeed.

As Mr Groves would say, these little acorns will grown to be mighty oak trees, and in a musical sense this could not be more true as these Early Years Concerts and approach to music build the foundations which see St Faith’s children regularly achieving Grade 5 and beyond by the time they leave us in Year 6.

Find out more about how important music is to life at St Faith’s here.

Hit play on the video below to enjoy our talented Reception children playing the recorder: