Meet the Deputy Head who wears many hats

Deputy Head Helen Coombs

Deputy Head Helen Coombs is an impressive woman of many roles and abilities who makes an important difference at St Faith’s in her role as Deputy Head. She describes her roles through a series of hats.

The  Mortar Board –  She is a graduate, but constantly seeks to learn, working on a Masters and now doing the Wishford Leadership Course. Her project is on ascertaining and delivering the Language of Learning at St Faiths’s to enable children to understand their personal development. More about that soon!

The  Clown Hat  – Helen is a teacher through and through and to Year 1. She is by necessity also a performer and an entertainer and loves seeing her charges progress and develop.

The Black Bowler Hat – As Deputy Head, Helen is a businesswoman, helping to make decisions and policy alongside the Headmaster, helping to lead and influence meetings and much more

The Pink Bowler Hat – working alongside a strong Headmaster, Helen brings an important female intuition and perspective on things

The Black Top Hat – Helen is a presenter and welcomes at events, showing around visitors, greeting on sports day, at plays etc

The Hard Hat – Helen has to deal with the difficult situations, finding the solutions and taking the flack when the going gets tough, inspection etc.

The Woolly Bobble Hat – Helen is that cosy, comfy, listening ear who is there for all, the staff, parents and children – she might also wear it on the odd ski trip!

The Ear Defenders – Helen does listen, but she also needs to sift out the noise from the important stuff!

Police Hat – Helen has to lay down the law which she recognises as uncomfortable, but essential – law enforcement with staff, children and parents is a must!

No hat  – the relaxed and at ease state,  being part of her family. Helen is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, auntie and soon to be grandmother!