Making the Mundane Marvellous!

Our Spring term STEAM Day banished the January blues before they could start by teaching our children all about Rube Goldberg machines.

Well known for finding ways to make the simplest of tasks into a fantastically elaborate experiment, Rube used a series of chain reactions to make simple tasks extremely entertaining (and, let’s be honest, wildly inefficient!)

As part of learning all about forces and how they can be used to transfer energy from one item to the next, Years 1 and 2 were tasked with creating a machine to feed dog biscuits to the Headteacher’s Labrador, Bluebell. Years 3 to 6 chose from a variety of options, including popping a balloon, watering a plant or ringing a bell. One group came up with a ‘mash-up’ of all the options and created a machine to feed biscuits to our Deputy Head.

Starting term with a STEAM day is a St Faith’s tradition, and always makes for an exciting start to our return to school. Teamwork, laughter, learning and excitement: what more could you want?!