Liquorice Allsorts! a great way to teach Science

“Liquorice Allsorts… to teach Science? Are you feeling alright Mr Andrews?”

Whilst the children’s concern is warming, if I have learnt one thing in my 11 years of teaching it is that sweets and any kind of learning tend to go hand in hand. Be it Cadbury dairy milk fraction bars, smarties ratio questions or Mr MacKenzie’s Milky bar PSHEE class, whatever the lesson, if you can involve sweets in it the children respond brilliantly.

So, after trawling through numerous school websites for ideas you can imagine my glee when I discovered the above.  I am currently teaching Year 4s about classification in our Science lessons, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to teach them about branching databases. This can be a hard topic to master and it is a skill to create questions which sort information into different groups. Both 4A and 4M loved exploring this objective with Liquorice Allsorts and the ‘hands-on’ sorting this activity required really brought the session to life. Once we had agreed not to eat our manipulatives it amazed me how quickly they progressed. As a result, I was able to extend them to create branching databases using less hands-on objects. Have a look at their amazing work in the pictures attached! It takes ‘allsorts’ to create an engaging lesson!