Let’s talk about the Victorians

As part of their History topic about the Victorians, Year 4 took a step back in time today to become Victorian school children. Dressed in period costume, the children sampled what it might have been like to be a school child back in Queen Victoria’s reign. Hands and fingernails were inspected for dirt before the school day could begin. The children took part in a variety of classroom-based activities with Mrs Ross, including handwriting, using a slate and chalk, testing their penmanship with a quill and ink and making peg dolls. Later, they spent time in the nature garden with Mrs Smith and Mrs Everton making spinners and lavender bags before running PE drills with Mr Andrews.

The children immersed themselves in the spirit of the day, performing pre-prepared ‘party pieces’ for their friends and teachers. We enjoyed a wide array of talents from singing, poetry recitals, piano and clarinet pieces and story extracts to the periodic table elements from memory! They played with Victorian toys during break and enjoyed parlour games such as Hide the Slipper, Look-about and charades.  They rounded off the day with Victoria sponge and lemon squash. A super day had by all!

The final say must go to this parent who sent in the following email…

I’ve just driven home in hysterics listening to my child talk about Victorian Day.

Did you know….

The boys got to go first in line!

And in tasks…the girls had to wait!

PE wasn’t fun games it was just exercises!

You couldn’t smile in a photo!

You could get whipped!

And if you got whipped you definitely didn’t tell your parents or they’d beat you too! 

Victoria teachers were scary! 

There was a Dunce’s hat! 

You got called “Boy” or “Girl” instead of your name!

You definitely couldn’t talk in class! 

Even if you had a disability they didn’t make any allowances to help you! 

The food was slop filled with vegetables! 

And finally – in sheer indignation:

Children should be seen but not heard!!

(Oh, and apparently, it’s very hard to take Mr Andrews seriously when he’s dressed as the Artful Dodger!)

‘Thanks for (another) fab learning experience, my daughter has had a great day and is brimming with facts and information about the Victoria era. And Mrs Ross’ Victoria(n) sponge was a delicious end to the day!’