Language Angels

Languages in the Lower School

This term in Year 1, we have been enjoying our weekly language sessions, listening to simple stories that introduce new vocabulary and varied topics. Year 1 always love their singing, where actions and repetition reinforce their learning. This was illustrated very confidently this week, when every child in the year group stood on stage in assembly, in front of their parents and teachers, holding up numbers when asked en ‘Francais’ followed by a lively song to finish.

Year 2 have been equally busy with both French and Spanish sessions; it is so thrilling to hear a medley of both tongues being used! Their Spanish folders are filled with work on useful foods, colours, numbers and how to say they can do numerous actions. All these exciting activities available with our Language Angels scheme enabling class teachers to also deliver fun, interactive activities. Muy bien mes amigos!

Year 3 have now moved onto their next Jolie Ronde workbook and this meant the perfect opportunity to build on what they have practised in the Lower School, and to test their knowledge of the global community around them. This book encourages discussions on Europe and our close neighbours, realising how easy it is to travel into new countries and discover new sights, differences or similarities. Their completed maps were colourful, informative and hopefully eye-opening! Let’s hope they will come back in September with more tales of their travels…bon voyage.