KIC Theatre galvanize action in History

As part of their history studies, children in the Upper School were given artistic license to be creative and re-enact scenes from their history classes. Years 6 unearthed the Iron Age, Year 5 – concentrated on evacuees of WW11, Year 3 became Roman Soldiers, building forts, towns and roads and Year 4 were transported back to Medieval times.

Focusing on Year 4, children were transported back to the 1400s. The streets of medieval Sandwich came alive through drama with Ian from KIC Theatre. Some children were Kings and Queens, others were peasants, some were pigs or even barrels of water!

Through re-enactment, the great importance of this often-forgotten town was brought to the fore. Sandwich was one of the Cinque Ports, and before the River Stour silted up,  it was once the main port for sailing to the continent. Kings and Queens (including Henry VIII) often resided there on their way to France.

After learning how to make ships’ ropes and the method of using a longbow, the children were then ready for the French invasion from Honfleur!  The French were finally defeated after reinforcements from our other Cinque Ports arrived.

In true St Faithian style, Year 4 showed enjoyment and positivity throughout and used their initiative to act out unfamiliar scenarios.  Alice Blease spoke for all when she added “I enjoyed working collaboratively with my friends”.