It’s full steam ahead to Christmas

It’s full steam ahead to Christmas! The Nursery children are preparing for their annual Nativity and Christmas period with enthusiasm and excitement.  They have been hard at work learning their lines and the songs to the Nativity story. Practising on the stage is developing the children’s self-confidence ready for the big day to perform in front of their parents and carers. Meanwhile children in the lower Nursery are also learning about the Nativity story by reading ‘Our first Nativity’ and have also been practising singing on the stage during our specialist music sessions with Mr Ainsworth.

Using a variety of media and materials, the children have been creating their Christmas craft. Teachers have been able to incorporate many areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage, including Maths for counting out the pasta, which is part of their wreath cards and Literacy for writing their names. Using their fine motor skills children have threaded beads, it’s a delicate job, where a great deal of concentration was in evidence, to make some candy canes. Great fun was had decorating their classrooms too, starting off with some fabulous snowmen pictures to display.

Bring on the Christmas festivities, Nursery is ready.