It’s Behind You!

Last Friday saw Years 1 to 6 enjoying an afternoon of boos, cheers, and laughter as they watched Sleeping Beauty at the Marlowe Theatre.

Three coachloads of very excited children (and teachers) arrived in Canterbury and made their way through the streets to the theatre. After a quick healthy snack of an apple to keep energy levels high, we made the most of our prime position in the front 5 rows of the stalls. The children loved every second and gleefully jumped up to do the ‘it’s the law’ lunge, boo the baddie, and roar with laughter at the various antics on stage.

The highlight of the afternoon though had to be when the Dame declared her love interest to be Mr Mackenzie, and “ooooh helllloooooo David” rang across the theatre. Cue some very substandard kazoo playing and an extremely relieved Mr Ainsworth while the children were beside themselves with delight.

There was of course, the obligatory slosh scene, and our prime position at the front of the stalls soon became very soggy as the cast soaked the children and teachers alike with their water pistols.

As always, this was a lovely trip out for the children and a chance for them to experience the uniquely British phenomenon of pantomime. They were, of course, their usual polite, well behaved selves and we all thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. OH YES WE DID!