We are so proud of our children and always impressed by their ability and talents so it’s a no brainer to showcase their art and enter the annual ISA National Art Competition.   Art Teacher, Mrs Bowyer believes it is a wonderful opportunity for the children to be creative and share best practice and ideas.  There are dozens of classes to cover different age groups and genres, from 2D art, through to fashion and photography.  It was a difficult task to sift through all the art work to choose and select pieces to enter, but Mrs Bowyer did just that and look at these fantastic results…well done all; a winner, runner-up and highly commended!

Results from the London South East region.

Winner: Sketchbook Key Stage 2 – Martha Bartlett

Runner-Up: Group piece (sculpture)

Delicious Donuts sculptures – Year 3

Highly Commended: Individual (sculpture)

The Wise Owl – Ivy Ward

Highly Commended: Group piece (sculpture)

Butterfly Dreams sculpture – Reception Classes

Highly Commended: Year 4 Group piece (painting)

Fab Four – Willa Bradley, Sami Ur-Rehman, Freddie Heffer, Lily Read

Highly Commended: Individual (painting)

The Magnificent Squid – Kasen Wells