Inspiring Art

Upper School Art continues to go from strength to strength here at St Faith’s. We are so grateful to be able to create art together again in our fabulous STEAM Room – and what an amazing first half-term it has been.

Can you draw a curve using only straight lines? Year 6 can! Finding the link between Art and Maths was the secret to their success. These dramatic patterns were created by using their knowledge of the x and y axis, and once they’d worked out the formula their creativity really started to flow.

After finally finishing their pre-lockdown penguin sculptures, Year 5 have been embracing their inner calm with some beautiful yin-yang artwork. They have explored the use of Zentangle patterns and blending watercolour paints to add detail to create dramatic effects.

An extended six-week project in Year 4 gave the children the opportunity to record their progress in step-by-step images on their Surface-Gos. Having worked on their composition and pattern making skills their challenge was to then paint all the colours of the rainbow with only the primary colours to work with. The final results demonstrate an impressive understanding of colour mixing theory. Well done Year 4!

It’s all going on in the Upper School Art curriculum this term. Textiles projects await Year 5 & 6 for the rest of this term. Year 6 will be creating woven wrist bands whilst Year 5 will be designing their own mini emoji cushions.

Year 4 are tackling figure drawing and making their own Giacometti foil sculptures. And not to be out done Year 3 are mid-project creating some stunning mosaics inspired by their History lessons on the topic of the Romans.

It’s been such a treat over half-term to get the walls of the STEAM room filled with such colourful pieces. I’m sure you’ll all agree, a truly talented bunch here at St Faith’s.