A delicious way to build a Roman Road.

How do you make a Roman road? What was it like to be in the Roman Army? What is a strigil? All these questions and many more have been answered in Year 3 this term during their study of the Romans.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Romans and the changes that occurred in Britannia after their arrival.

During their research on the Roman army, the girls were particularly horrified to find out that women were not able to join the army. Although they were not so disappointed when they heard about the toilet facilities provided!

The children also learned how to build a Roman road and are now all expert road builders. If you ever need a road built with Maltesers, Smarties, custard and custard creams then Year 3 are the perfect candidates for the job. They had a fun filled morning constructing their roads and learning about how each ingredient represented a different material used by the Romans.

They have had furious debates centered around the Roman invasion, enthusiastically trying to persuade their tribe leader (Mrs Powlter) to either let the Romans invade or fight and battle to protect Britannina. Overall, they are a gruesome bunch and persuaded Mrs Powlter to lead her tribe to battle! The tribe was very disappointed to later find out, that the Romans won the war.

What a better way to finish such a fun topic than a visit from Kic Theatre to round off a fabulous term of History!

Just in case you are still wondering, a strigil is a tool used in the Roman bathhouses to scrape off dead skin cells!