Holiday Club Fun

We have been keeping the children busy during Holiday Club this week.  From having a rubbish time with their bin-bag fashion challenge to top trumps, den building and craft activities.  Thanks to the sun having its hat on, we’ve also been able to spend quite a bit of time outside, making the most of our beautiful grounds, as well as visiting the local park.

On Thursday and Friday alone, we had a scavenger hunt using iPads to collect evidence of items found, Kwik Cricket, a treasure hunt, making Easter ornaments using felt, decorating Easter hats and up-cycling craft activities. This was all in addition to board and card games (Top Trumps was a particular favourite with children and staff alike!), colouring, pool, den building and other fun pursuits.

Holiday Club certainly keeps our children amused and active during their break from school, but it also helps them to develop a lot of important social skills. During our sessions, collaboration and sharing are key aspects of what makes the club such good fun.