History with a difference

History in Year 4 has been a little bit different this term. We have been working with our new Surface Go devices as well as the more traditional sources. It has been a new and exciting way of learning for all of us and we have created a balance between our written work and new digital learning. We have been able to research our topic and find different ways to present our work.

This term, Year 4 have taken a step back in time to visit the Ancient Greeks! We have been learning about their history, culture and art. We looked at how different parts of Ancient Greece were ruled, the birth of democracy and made comparisons between Ancient Greek laws and the laws in the UK today. We designed posters as a homework task, to advertise the Ancient Greek Olympics, many of which were stained with tea and coffee and burned at the edges to make them look old! We also looked at the importance of Greek pottery and how stories were told through this medium. We chose significant moments from our own lives to represent on pots.

To make our learning even more exciting, we linked our work in History with our English topic of ‘Myths and Legends’. We explored a variety of Greek myths before embarking on a quest to write our own myth stories. We drew inspiration from myths such as Theseus and the Minotaur and Odysseus and the Cyclops as well as historical facts from our History lessons to bring our own story ideas to life.