Harvest Festival

On a beautiful Autumnal Day Year 2 led the traditional service of Harvest at St Nicholas, our local church.

Harvest is one of the oldest and most traditional British festivals taking place at the time of the Harvest Moon, but other than gathering up tinned goods and taking them to church, what is harvest festival all about?

Celebrating the harvest was once a pagan affair. Today’s church celebrations only began in earnest in Victorian times, when the Reverend Robert Stephen Hawker invited his parishioners to a special harvest thanksgiving service at the church in Morwenstow, Cornwall in 1843.  Year 2 felt very patriotic as they carried on this British tradition.

Earlier in the week the school attended a Harvest assembly when Emma from Deal Foodbank, informed the children that there are local people who do not have enough to eat. She explained that our collected donations would be used to feed these people who sometimes have nothing to eat all day.

At the service the children sang and danced about Harvest and all the school enjoyed singing the new Harvest song which Mr Ainsworth had taught them. Year 2 also acted out the bible story when Jesus fed 5,000 people.  As Sancy said to Mrs Latham during the week, “sharing is caring”. It certainly is Sancy! Well done Year 2, you certainly made us think about Harvest this year.