Global Citizens at Harvest

Spiritual Awareness and empathy towards others has featured heavily with Year 2 recently. Acknowledging National Homelessness Day on October 10 combined with leading the Harvest Service the next day at our local church.  This was supported by the school and a large number of parents and focused the children’s thoughts around our duty as global citizens.

Firstly, Year 2 moved the harvest food into the church via a long line to replicate how people moved rubble when they were made homeless by an earthquake.

Also, during a PSHEE lesson they asked thought provoking questions such as why don’t rich countries give food to poor countries and why are people homeless? Discovering that homelessness happens in our local towns and cities encouraged the children to learn about how we can help others less fortunate than ourselves. They learned about the local charity called ‘Catching Lives’ who support homeless people and help them to get back on their feet by offering a place to stay warm and dry in as well as food to eat.

Next they transferred their knowledge and understanding by performing a play at the Harvest Service that Mrs Barnard had written. It was about a homeless person in Canterbury. Performing the play, the children encouraged the congregation to support local charities by donating food on a regular basis. The collection of food and toiletries was donated to a local foodbank where the children of Year 2 knew it would be welcomed and appreciated. Ending the service with the song ‘Would you walk by on the other side?’ certainly gave a message to all of us. Well done Year 2, St Faith’s global adults of the future.