Geography opens the door

If you want to explore, Geography opens the door! Well that’s what Year 2 think! If you hear any roars coming from the Year 2 classroom it’s because we are learning about Kenya… and who lives in Kenya? Yes, you’ve got it, the big five! Tigers, Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos and Giraffes.   Year 2 recently packed their suitcases ready to go but as our weather was hot that day they decided to stay at school instead! Focusing on the country the children found Kenya’s key features…did you know that the highest mountain in Kenya is actually called Mount Kenya and the official languages in Kenya are English and Swahili? Year 2 are enjoying this topic, especially as its connected to their Art topic where they are exploring the details of different animal patterns and types of fur.

Finding similarities between themselves and the children in Kenya who live in the country, Year 2 found out that everybody enjoys playing sport and live a happy life with their families. The main difference the children discovered was that in the country children may have to walk for hours to get water, whereas the children in Year 2 just turn on a tap. So, our advice is GO OUT AND EXPLORE.