A Geographical and Historical Enquiry for Year 3

Geographical and Historical Enquiry in Year 3 

We have just started a topic on the Romans and the children are excited to learn all about these famous invaders and the impact they had on Britain. We always begin our Year 3 History topics by locating the civilisation we are studying in time and place. This week the children have been creating timelines of British-Roman history and using atlases to locate where Rome is on a modern map of Europe.

When using the atlases, the children were asked to look at the borders of Italy and identify some of the countries that are its neighbours. They were delighted when they managed to spot countries that they have visited on holiday. We will go on to learn about how large parts of modern-day Europe were once part of the Roman Empire, when it was at the height of its power. They will get the chance to compare modern day maps to ones showing what Europe looked like in ancient times and find out about how far the Roman Empire spread across the British Isles.