Fun Friday in the Nature Garden

The weather has been kind to us on Fridays, and our Upper School activity groups have spent some lovely afternoons soaking up the autumn sunshine down in our Nature Garden.  The children gleefully accepted (and successfully completed) the ‘Camp Challenge’, using their initiative and collaboration skills to build a watertight camp using only one large tarpaulin and four pieces of rope. 

It wasn’t always easy, and at first the camps simply wouldn’t hold, but the children persevered and using natural resources from around the Nature Garden, all the children were able to construct their camps. Mrs Osborn thoroughly enjoyed using the children as guinea pigs to test exactly how watertight their camps were!

In other news from the Nature Garden, the newly planted winter greens are thriving and young sweet peas, planted from seed, are responding well to the enjoyment and positivity of the children as they continue to watch them grow. St Faith’s children are certainly not afraid to get their hands dirty, and of all the activities our Nature Garden has to offer, pond dipping and weeding have been the clear favourites.

Competition and curiosity were the order of the day last Friday, as the children battled it out in our mini beast and nature scavenger hunt; racing to cross the line to be crowned the Scavenger Hunt Champions! Later the same afternoon the children showed their appreciation for a generous gift of two young trees from one of our thoughtful St Faithian families. They thoroughly relished the opportunity to dig holes and plant the trees on the school grounds, and both they and future generations of St Faithians will be able to enjoy watching the trees grow and flourish alongside our school community.