Film Star Friday

Year 6 rolled out the red-carpet last Friday in celebration of the amazing films that the children had made during our work on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. With many of the children dressed to impress, we enjoyed a film premiere during our English lesson. Mr and Mrs Groves dropped in and were both amazed at the quality and variety of the performances that the children had put together. We had radio plays, animations of all kinds and also lots of live action films, some with all parts performed by a single actor! Some videos were a family effort and we discovered stars of the future: who could forget Finlay McGuirk starring as a giggling King Duncan and Jay Amin as Macbeth complete with moustache and flashing gun!  

Older family members also played a part and some (Romy’s Dad and Dylon’s sister) even earned nominations for Best Actor in the inaugural ‘ Benji’ Awards which were voted for after the children had watched all the plays. At 1.00 we all gathered again for the awards ceremony presided over by Benji himself who congratulated all the winners enthusiastically. All the performances were fantastic but the eventual winners were:

Best Radio Play Sienna

Best Animation Romy

Best Live Action Julie

Best Screenplay Elena

Funniest Play Dylon

Best Actor Thomas

Outstanding Effort Harleena & Harpriya

Best Ensemble Performance Caspian, Alex, Nate and Sam

Benji Special Achievement Chloe

Well done to everyone – what a creative and talented group you are!