Fantastic Beasts inspire Year 2 Art

In year 2 Art lessons last week we explored the idea of using found objects to create fantasy creatures, just like the Children’s book illustrator Adolfo Serra. We visited the Nature Garden to collect interesting natural materials like bark, petals, grasses and leaves which we took back to the classroom to create our own fantasy creatures. The idea behind this was to use the natural world as a spring board for the children’s imaginations and boy did it work well! We had some wonderful creatures created which would give JK Rowling and her Fantastic Beasts a run for their money! 

Whilst we made them, we discussed what the creatures were called and what they liked to do and eat (a lot of them like people, but some are keen on prawns and ice cream!). Linking in to our literacy work, we also chatted about what adjectives we could use to describe them. The children created amazing creatures and the fabulous worlds that they inhabit! We shall be putting their pictures up on display, so hopefully everyone in the school can enjoy them! 

Over the following weeks we will continue using nature for inspiration making Green Men and Women (guardian spirits of all wild things in British folklore) to hide around the school, as well as looking at making Native American Dream Catchers from wild materials and other activities. We are so lucky to have the Nature Garden and our lovely playing field to draw inspiration from!