End of Term Sport Report

We have come to the end of a very different and sometimes difficult term at St Faith’s. It has been a strange place without fixtures against other schools. However, there is hope on the horizon and the return of fixtures for Upper School children may not be too far away. Despite the lack of fixtures, the children have had plenty of intra-school competition with the invention of the St Faith’s Cup. Four teams (Strikers, Falcons, Wizards and Lightning) have competed in a variety of sports tournaments in their age groups. During the first half term, the children competed in Hockey, Football and Basketball events with the aim of gaining as many points as they could for their team. At the end of the term, the Falcons won the event by only 1 point from Lightning, a close second place.

After half term the sports that the children were taking part in changed. Would this have an effect on the points and could the Falcons hold on to their trophy? Unfortunately, the events had to come to a premature end after 2 weeks of competition and the Strikers were crowned champions for this half term. What was most pleasing about the whole event was how all the children worked together, organised their own teams and made sure that everybody got a fair go which highlighted the ‘sports for all’ philosophy we have at St Faith’s.  Along with the St Faith’s Cup, children also had a chance to compete in the House Football events. Beech were the dominant team and won the Years 1, 2, 3 & 4 events but Sycamore managed to win the Year 5 & 6 competition. Finally, the children took part in the re-vamped House Cross Country event where Oak were victorious.

In the lower school, sports sessions remained as normal. The children have worked very hard with their bouncing,  catching, kicking and movement skills as well as showing      excellent effort in their gymnastics sessions. In nursery it has been non-stop fun, fun, fun! whilst learning to bounce, catch, climb and jump!

Well done to everyone for getting through the term and having an excellent attitude in difficult circumstances.