Eco Prefects Raise Awareness

A new initiative this term has seen our Year 6 Eco Prefects begin to share a ‘Sustainability Thought of the Week’ during Friday’s Celebration Assembly. The aim is to get pupils, visiting family members and staff from our school community thinking about all the little things that they can do to make a big difference towards helping take care of our environment. Topics covered so far have included switching off lights and closing doors to save electricity, turning off the tap whilst brushing teeth to reduce water wastage, avoiding purchase of single-use water bottles to cut back on plastic and re-using unwanted goods to make sure we cut down on waste.

At the start of the year, the Eco Prefects visited a Hedgehog sanctuary and learnt about the plight of the species. They went back into school and taught the other Eco Warriors about what they had learned. At the Christmas Fayre, the Eco Prefects sold some goods to help raise funds to provide further, very much needed, financial support to the sanctuary.

Miss Franklin

Leader of the Eco Warriors