Eco-Friendly St Faithians

Eco Warriors in Action

Our Eco Warriors thoroughly enjoy helping to look after the wildlife here at school, particularly the birds. Last half term, we added a lovely, new bird bath into the school grounds, which we know the birds are bound to appreciate as the weather turns warmer and access to water becomes increasingly difficult.

On the last few days of last half term, we began painting some bird boxes which will, when finished, be positioned in our beautiful nature garden so as to encourage a wider variety of birds to come and nest there. Mrs Smith very kindly built these bird boxes for us at home and when she came in to paint them with the children, she explained which sort of birds we might expect to have visiting the different types of boxes. We also got to hear what the birds might sound like, when she brought in toy birds for us to handle which very cleverly imitated the bird calls.

Every Little Helps…

Our latest sustainability initiative was rolled into action during the last few weeks of last half term and I’m pleased to report that it is going well. We now ask every child who has their own water bottle in school, to bring it to lunch with them to avoid us having to make use of the jugs of water and cups that were previously provided. We are making a concerted effort to reduce our electricity usage and prevent water being wasted by cutting down on the washing up of jugs and cups. The issue of water spillages from jugs and cups being knocked over has also been removed.

Previously, hundreds of cups and lots of jugs were having to be washed on a daily basis- just think of how much power and water we have saved already!

Can you think of anything simple that you could do at home to reduce the amount of electricity or water that you use?

Miss Franklin

(Leader of the Eco Warriors)