Diwali, celebrating the festival of lights

This year Diwali falls on Wednesday 7 November.  This colourful celebration is celebrated by Sikh and Hindus all over the world and calculated by the lunar calendar. Reception children were keen little learners and asked lots of questions as they listened to the story of ‘Rama and Sita’, a story that explained and emphasised the importance of honesty, dedication and sincerity – values that are not only important to those who celebrate Diwali but to everyone in the St Faith’s family.  The children also looked at traditional Indian clothing, made cards and even learnt a new song. Eshan gave out sweets that were kindly prepared by his Mummy and the children were taught how to stand and receive them.

Mrs Baughan, Mrs Reynolds and the Reception children would like to thank Mrs Pal for giving up her time and providing us all with an extremely educational morning.

Year 4 also joined in the celebrations, some of the children brought in coloured powder and showed their classmates how to make Rangoli Patterns.  Hindus hope that the goddess Lakshmi will see the beautiful patterns and visit their home.