Discovering Ramadan and Eid

On Thursday, Year 2 were joined by Mrs Zeba Arif, and spent time finding out about Ramadan, Eid and the Muslim faith. Having been a Forensic Team Leader and President of The Nurses Association of Pakistan, Zeba is well used to delivering talks all over the world, but this time instead of talking about Nursing, she spoke to the children about her Muslim faith and about growing up and going to school in Karachi.

As it was the last day of Ramadan, Zeba explained how her family celebrated Eid-al-Fitr as a child, as well as how it is celebrated in various countries around the world. This led to lots of questions, including ‘why do Muslims fast?’ and ‘where was Mecca?’ The children were also fascinated to discover the similarities between several of the faiths they are learning about, remembering that they had also seen candles in the village church and at Diwali, and that they are important to Jewish people too.

As Zeba spoke about how Muslims give to charity and carry out acts of kindness, particularly during Ramadan, the children talked about how they also think of others and that one of our School Rules is to always be kind to others. Year 2 would like to thank Zeba for giving up her time to come and speak to them, and for answering all their questions so patiently!

Learning about other faiths and cultures is an important part of our children’s education as it teaches them the need to be inclusive, to understand diversity, and to treat everyone equally.