Developing Maths in Lower School

The key to success in Maths is having a secure and confident understanding of Number, Place Value, and the four main operations. Through the use of physical manipulatives and practical investigations, children at St Faith’s are given the opportunity to deepen and embed their understanding. The small steps that are made in each lesson result in big leaps forward in understanding, progression and confidence.

Across the Lower School, the children have been working tirelessly to deepen their understanding of the key skills, firstly, focused on during our excellent home learning, and now getting stuck into developing a practical and real world understanding of measures, including weight, length and capacity. It is always such fun seeing the children’s reactions when given the chance to bring Maths to life in their lessons. The children displayed a wide range of skills, including collaboration and problem solving, all whilst making predictions and working on their motor skills!

On top of this, the Lower School have also been working to develop their number bonds abilities using the NumBots app and already lots of children have been awarded certificates in assembly to celebrate their incredible efforts. Did you know that across the Lower School, the children have played an average of 253 minutes and have an average of 2478 correct answers?

Watch this space as we have some seriously impressive Mathematicians developing in our school!