Cutting-edge Art

What language is spoken by people all over the world but has no words? The international language of the emoji is well understood by many and our Year 5 had no problem in explaining the meanings behind these cute little yellow faces that say so much without saying a word!

Their mission was the challenge of creating a new internationally recognisable emoji that would capture and convey a specific emotion.

Once a design had been created they then got handy with a needle and thread to turn their 2-dimensional ideas into a mini stuffed felt cushion. After some practise threading a needle, tying a knot and sewing a running stitch, the children showed immense perseverance and patience to bring their emojis to life.

The final results were as varied and creative as the children themselves. The true test of the success was a class evaluation where they named each other’s emojis. See what you think they might mean in the photos below.