Creativity and expression through Art

Creative Year 2 are learning about the work of L.S Lowry this term. The children were challenged to create a fact find on the works of Lowry and to discover the key features and style of a Lowry painting.  Of particular interest to them was what and where he chose to paint.   They were fascinated to discover Lowry focused on the factories and towns of the North and his paintings featured dirty skies, factories and match stick people. One child asked curiously “Why did he find factories so interesting to paint?”. The children are also learning a song about Lowry, which they hope to perform on Grandparents Day.

Each child has produced their own landscape in the style of Lowry, adding their own personalised ideas as they capture the essence of Lowry’s original creations. Through the use of paint, collage and felt tip the children have explored colour, atmosphere and perspective in art. The current Year 2 are following in the footsteps of the 2019 class who won the ISI National Competition with their Lowry street scene.

Lowry Fact File

He was born in 1887, and his family first lived in an area outside of the city. However, they eventually moved to a more urban area. At first, Lowry hated this new home. He did not like seeing all of the factories, smoke, and people bustling about. But, the more he lived in the city, the more it began to grow on him. He was mesmerized by the activity, and he started painting the different images he saw when he was just 15 years old. Painting was something that he enjoyed, so he went to study at the Salford School of Art.