Computing in the Lower School

Can year 2 take unusual pictures and then edit? Yes they can! Mrs Latham and Mrs Everton’s classes have, yet again, proven themselves masters of the iPads. We spend lot of time practising taking unusual photographs: looking from different viewpoints at different objects around our school. The children went outside and showed incredible maturity in their understanding of looking after the iPads and really thinking about what they were photographing. It was amazing what they saw as interesting: leaves, corners of football nets, the bars of the play equipment and, very interestingly, the speed bump! One said “I didn’t know that boring things could be so interesting!” (the objects, not the lesson…).

Finally, the children used the Photoshop Express app to crop and edit their images, using a variety of effects and filters, sending them to the printer and loving the results. It was lovely to see the children really engaged in their learning when their excitement of being outside on a Friday afternoon with an iPad really could have taken over. They did so well.