Computing and habitats

Our wonderful children at St Faiths never cease to amaze me! Year 2 have been researching about minibeasts and then beginning to build their first PowerPoint presentation. As the Year 2 parents know, minibeasts (not just slugs) are real favourites with many of the children, so they loved having the opportunity to find out some new facts and then present them in a new format – the presentation. As ever, I was incredibly impressed with the combination of hard work and fun that was had by all. The children extended themselves exceptionally well and all of them managed to insert at least one image from the internet into their presentation. In the last session the sun (yes, the sun) finally came out so we were able conclude out search looking for and photographing minibeasts in their habitats. It is incredible to see our children wandering around the nature garden with the Surface Gos: looking under logs, in shady corners and on the flowers for animals to photograph. Seeing them take their time to get a good image was a pleasure to behold as they supported each other with ideas, advice and some cheery encouragement.