Christingle Service

Christingle is upon us once again!

Walking through the classrooms of the Lower School and popping in to Year 3, there was a distinctive smell of oranges mixed with sugar. The time for Christingle had come upon us once again! Back at our local church after a three year break due to a certain virus, we celebrated Christingle on St Nicholas’ Day, Year 2 led a lovely service to remind us all of the journeys that took place to see a humble baby lying in a manager. To Christians, Christmas is an important time to reflect about how we live and treat our world, and also to think about those who live in it.    

The Christingle Service asks us to be a ray of hope to others who are less fortunate than ourselves. All proceeds from this service are given to The Children’s Society who use it to fund projects in order to support needy children and families. Centre to the service is the message of love and hope. Thank you all for your kind donations which are always greatly received by this child-centered charity. St Nicholas, or Santa as we call him now, spent his life giving to others. Seeing a face light up when a child receives a present is truly wonderful, and to Christians the best present was Jesus all those years ago.

Happy Christmas from all of us in Year 2. May your light of love continue to shine.